Hydra M. Star

Hydra M. Star
...writer, wood-burner, and witch.

Hydra M. Star was originally one half of a set of twin fetuses conceived during the holiday season of 1977, but decided for various personal reasons that she disliked both holidays and her twin. One she consumed and the other she mostly ignores to this day. Upon her birth, Hydra’s mother immediately began the process of trying to indoctrinate Hydra into the brand of Evangelical Christianity to which she and the rest her family belonged. Though Hydra’s imaginative nature caused her to find the stories and superstitions of her mother’s faith appealing, she just could not ultimately bring herself to believe in any of it. Soon, she shrugged off both the religion and the Christian name her mother had given to her. She adopted and has gone by Hydra M. Star, both publicly and privately, ever since she was a teenage atheist.

It was through her father’s side of the family, by way of her paternal grandmother, that Hydra was first exposed to the ideas and subjects that would most profoundly shape and inspire her creatively. Ghosts and demons, aliens and UFOs, conspiracy theories and strange events from history, unsolved mysteries and anything unexplained were all topics of late night conversation between the young Hydra and the older woman. Naturally, as Hydra grew her worldview became more skeptical than that of the wide-eyed child that had listened intently to every ghost story her grandmother told, but still she held onto her interest in the paranormal and occult. Soon she was seeking out books and other sources of knowledge on mythology, demonology, witchcraft, and finally Satanism. It was her study into the last of these that proved to be the most surprising, as she found something in Satanism that she had not expected. The godless heathen had found her tribe. Soon after, on her nineteenth birthday, Hydra joined the Church of Satan and continued her study of all things strange.

Today, Hydra holds the title of Witch in the Church of Satan and has used her knowledge and passion for monsters, magic, and mythology to fuel her creative endeavors. One of these endeavors is a line of pyrography items Hydra designs and hand-burns featuring symbols and signs from various occult and magical traditions as well as a number that have been inspired by horror literature. Continuing with this theme, horror literature, or more precisely speculative fiction, also plays a big part in another area of Hydra’s life and creativity, in that she both writes and publishes it. Unlike the classic literature she pulls inspiration from for her pyrography, her own writing has a much more overt erotic nature to it. It would not be completely unfair to say that she writes smut. Besides this she also owns, edits, and publishes Infernal Ink Magazine. It would be entirely fair to say that its pages are filled almost exclusively with horror smut. Sex and magic reign supreme in Hydra M. Star’s world.

Hydra can be contacted directly via email. hydra@hydramstar.com, as well as found through Facebook, Twitter, deviantART, and Goodreads.

Hydra's written works may be purchased through Amazon, LuluBooks-A-Million, and Barnes & Nobles. Her pyrography can be found through her Etsy shop.